On November 14, Susan Rogers, Director – Parks, presented the Inter River Park Survey Results and Recommendations to DNV Mayor Richard Walton and Council at a Council Workshop Meeting.  The recommendation to council was to instruct staff to move forward with the one field option.  However, some council members continue to pursue the two field option which would require the removal of a significant portion of the forest which backs onto Digger Park.  The survey results (pg.78) showed that Inter River residents voted 87% in favour of the one field option while the broader community voted 87% in favour of the two field option.  Concerned residents are encouraged to write to council and speak at the upcoming regular council meetings expressing their concerns about the impact of the forest removal for the community.  Email: council@dnv.org.

The next regular council meeting is Monday, November 27 at 7:00pm.

The Inter River Community Association has written a letter in response to the November 14th Council Workshop Meeting.

November 20, 2017

Dear Mayor and Council –

On behalf of the Inter-River Community, we would once again like to voice our strong opposition to the removal of a significant area of the Lynnmour Park Forest for an additional field at Inter-River Park. We respectfully request that you stop considering the two field option and commit to maintaining the forested area for public use. We were surprised and disappointed to hear some members of Council disregard staff recommendations at the Council Workshop this past Tuesday. We will be exploring ways to ensure that this forested area will be maintained as forest for the foreseeable future, and you will be hearing from us about this again soon.

As you proceed with the one field option, we also want you to know that we have high expectations that you will work the community within the context of a comprehensive neighbourhood plan to achieve the following:

  • Mitigate the impact of lighting, noise and traffic associated with the establishment of a tournament field;
  • Increased and ongoing consultation with the community regarding this field proposal and other developments that are affecting the area at an incredible pace;
  • Improved support for accessing Community Amenity Contributions and for having an integrated planning approach for our neighbourhood – for which Inter-River has fallen behind other communities on the North Shore.

To refresh your memory about what is at stake for our neighbourhood, the forest is important to quality of life for the growing number of families who use the area and adjacent playground from all over Lynnmour. Forest and park space that is available at any time for anyone to use allows families with diverse schedules to engage in physical activity and healthy living activities. Restricted field space means reduced opportunities for our children to enjoy nature, learn through exploration, and develop physical / social skills through play. Hundreds of students use the park before, during, and after school for healthy, outdoor play. Lynnmour (Xa7elcha) Elementary engages in lessons on sustainability, Indigenous philosophies, and outdoor education in the forest. If this forest is replaced by a field, all these daily activities that promote health, wellness, and social responsibility will be lost. In fact, removing this forest is contrary to many of the goals developed with the community in your Official Community Plan.

We want to thank Staff and the Council members who have so thoughtfully considered our feedback. We hope that Council will direct staff to stop considering the removal of this forest for a field. Sports fields sit empty most hours in a week, but this forest is used every day by families, pets and local fauna. We encourage you to visit the ‘Digger Park’ area, to look at the proximity of the forest to homes and to the school, and to consider how this proposal would play out if it was being proposed in the neighbourhood where you live.

You can expect to continue hearing from Inter-River residents – including families whose children attend Lynnmour School. We are strongly opposed to removing the forest for an additional sports field.

Jenn Meilleur, on behalf of the Inter-River Community Association
e: interriverca@gmail.com

Jenn Meilleur
Board Member
Inter-River Community Association


9 thoughts on “Inter River Park Survey Results and Recommendations: IRCA responds in a strongly worded letter to Mayor and council.

  1. An excellent letter Jenn! Let us continue to write to the North Vancouver district council and share our concerns regarding the two fiels proposal!

  2. Great letter!
    Is anyone planning on going to the council meeting and speaking tonight?
    I would be willing to come along as moral support.

  3. I’ll be there tonight. I spoke last week at the meeting. I spoke with someone earlier today who plans to attend as well. Consider reading a written statement to council – this is very effective.

  4. trees and forests are disappearing at a very fast pace around here. i now can hear the train all night long while before there were lots of old big trees silencing the noise. its real bad. new trees they plant are tiny “landscaping” trees, require lots of money spent on companies to maintain them. i remember years ago people would chain themselves to tree in case there were single trees supposed to be cut down. now whole forests disappear in a few days. it sure looks like corruption. someone is making money.

    1. We don’t know if it’s corruption but what we do know is that trees are disappearing at a fast pace. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  5. It’s densification. You don’t like it, then fight hard.
    Your woodsy exploring area will become a centerpiece in Metrotown North a decade from now.

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